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About US

Rebuilding Ministry International

The Rebuilding Ministries International was founded on the 29th July 1999 in Nairobi Kenya by Pastor Paul Deng Joshua Leek, Pastor Samuel Galuak Marial and Pastor Ajak Kuol Deng.

When the doors of immigration open for resettlement to America, Australia, Canada and the rest of the world, God spoke to them saying “ see the reproach your people are in, go back home and rebuild the broken wall of South Sudan that you may no longer be a disgrace”, Neh 2:17

The situation in South Sudan was deteriorating day by day, people were worshipping other gods, some military Generals will look for protection from evils spirits so that they don’t get killed in the battle field, no one was seeking the true creator Jehovah God, therefore the relationship between man and God was destroyed, at the same time people lost confidence in themselves, and begun to believe that they are second class citizens in their own country. Not only that, but tribes turn against each other’s, so the relationship between man and his fellow brothers/sisters from other tribes was broken. That is why Rebuilding Ministries was born to come and rebuild broken relationship between man and God, man with himself and between man and his fellow brothers/sisters from other tribes.

The Rebuilding ministries International is now fully registered as a Faith Based Organization with the Government of South Sudan with branches former in Eastern Equatoria, Torit, Magui, one branch in Bor Jonglei State, Wau and three branches in Juba


 “Rebuild the broken relationship between man and God, man with himself, man and his brothers/sisters through the transforming word of God “

Mission Statement:

We exist to fulfill God given mandate to rebuild the broken relationships, through the preaching of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and empowering nations, spiritually, socially , and economically. 


  1. Spiritually :
  • To teach the word of God through discipleship restoring man back to God’s original plan.
  • To fellowship with God through praise and worship
  • To encourage viable Christian fellowship
  • To help man discover him/herself through building confident ,mentorship, counseling training  to achieve self-esteem 
  • To build the Capacity through leadership training, coaching, worship, seminars and conferences for ministries (choir, youth leaders, women, children ministry, professional fellowships etc.)
  1. Socially :
  • To establish education institution for all levels ( Nursery, Basic , Secondary schools , colleges , and Universities  )
  • To establish health and humanitarian services
  • To establish sport centers
  1. Economically :
  • To transform livelihood of Christian economically to be self reliance through the creation of job opportunities, business enterprise, creation of income generating activities.